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Simple Advice and Negative Expectations

You will find that there is dwindling floor space in a casino for bank craps.  It takes up too much room and it requires several people to work the table.  That is space that can be more efficiently used for slot machines.  Slot machines make more money, they never complain that they have been standing for hours and they don’t have to keep track of where the bets are.

In all honesty, it doesn’t take much brains to play slots or bank craps however if you learn the odds (and it isn’t a hard thing to do) you can have a better shot at winning some money with craps than with a slot machine.

The big thing with bank craps is that you need to manage your money, don’t get too caught up in the excitement at the table and don’t believe in superstitions.

Just remember to quit while you are ahead and that is it.

Honestly, that is it.

No matter what other, er, crap, people tell you about craps, there is no magic dice setting technique, there is no special charm to help you.

Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you aren’t.  If you are up a little money, quit.  If you are down, you need to decide honestly if you are REALLY having fun and decide to play or quit.

It is that simple.

The complexity comes in because:

  1.  Most people, regardless of how much money they have don’t understand the game.
  2. People are greedy.
  3. The casinos know this and do whatever they can to keep you at the tables.
  4. The excitement at a “hot” table draws people from all over the casino, the city, the state to be at the table and it is tough to walk away.  Eventually, you will lose.


  1. People promote systems and urban legends that make otherwise sane people think that they have a shot at winning something “secretly”.

Just to give you a heads up, the casinos know this.  I tried a lot of systems over the years.  My experience is that the way you win at craps is simply to quit while you are ahead.  Some days you are lucky, some days you aren’t.

This book is to point out to you that craps is a negative expectation game.  It is NOT like poker where there are other variables involved or you are in certain situations where you statistically have a low shot at losing.  Each roll of the dice is a new outcome where in poker, a certain direction of play is either validated or invalidated by the turn of the cards.

What does that mean?

For purposes of illustration, S= spades, H = hearts, C=clubs, D= diamonds.

One example in Texas Hold’em poker is that you are holding  4S 4H and the flop comes down AC 4D JC the next card is 4C and everybody is betting and betting.  You are in a great position and statistically, it is a very remote chance that you will lose.  (For the non-poker players, you are holding four fours as your winning hand).  The element of chance is still there but is minimized tremendously based on previous outcomes of the cards.  With me so far?

The same situation is not true in Craps because each roll of the dice is independent of whatever happened before it.  That means that just because you rolled a six, it could very well be that the next number you roll is a six. 

The game is a negative expectation game because no matter what you do, the house (the casino) does not pay you generally the correct odds as a pay-off. You get paid a fixed amount that they determine and in fact then are “keeping” a percentage of what you win for themselves as profit.  We will get into that shortly.  It is important though that you realize this now so there won’t be any surprises later.

This book will not get into cheating or fixing dice.  There is no need for it.  If you catch a hot streak or a cold streak and are lucky enough to betting into the correct streak, you will make more money then you thought possible. 

That in itself is dangerous because you will think you can do that all the time.  It is called random reinforcement when you tend to remember certain events that happen infrequently rather than the events that happen frequently.  Uh, don’t do that!

The only thing I will say about cheating is watch your chips when you have them and learn what the correct payouts are on bets so in the heat of the game the dealers won’t accidentally short-change you.

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