Income Tax Help If You Are Stressed

March 14th, 2014

If you are too stressed to do your own taxes, please get an extension done and then shoot me an email or drop me a line.  I will help you work through the pain at a reasonable price.  Hope everything is going well with everybody.

Tax season has been steady and the economy still is hurting for the average person.  Things are still polarized in terms of income and the watchwords for the day from me is – Pay your bills down and save money.

Easier said then done, right?    It takes work and discipline but anything you save at the very least will come in handy if there is an emergency.

Be well, gang.

Kim  Isaac Greenblatt

Income Tax Help If You Are Stressed



Red Cross Rose Parade Team 7 2014

January 2nd, 2014

Happy New Year, Gang!

Here is a picture of my team from the Rose Parade this year. Hope you all have a great year!


Rose Parade Team 7 Med Division

Rose Parade Team 7 Med Division

From left to right, Paul Emmons (Branch Director), Dr. James Lemus, Steven Xiao (EMT), Kim Greenblatt (Division Head), Jesssica Boardman (EMR), Luis Lemus (EMT), and Brandon Flath (EMT).

They are one of the best teams I could ever hope to work with. It was fun volunteering and working with these great men and women.

The weather was wonderful and it was a great day for a parade and all the spectators who came to watch. There were some great floats and as always, some wonderful bands with hard working and hard playing musicians.

The other Red Cross stations had great volunteers as well and overall a good time was had by all – which is always a good thing.

I had worked the Hollywood Christmas parade in 2013 as well and there was a great team of people from the LAFD Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)  there as well.

Even with my business schedule and taking care of family, I try to find time to give back and help the community. As I always remind people and anybody who asks – If we don’t help ourselves, who will?

It is tough to get by one’s self sometimes. As long as we try to help each other and do it with respect I think we have a shot of keeping the human race around for awhile. I think it is when people are unwisely selfish (versus wisely selfish which is a topic for another day) that things go from bad to worse.
I like keeping things better.

I strongly urge people to go out and get some inexpensive medical training or do something to help each other out. Life is short and we all need some help now and then.

Hope all your dreams come true for this New Year.

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Red Cross Rose Parade Team 7 2014

Happy Holidays 2013 Update

December 19th, 2013

Sorry for the delay in getting information posted – happy holidays, gang. I have been busy getting my training for 2013 tax law changes. By the way, the IRS will not start taking returns until Jan 31 2013 so you have some time to start getting last minute things in place. A lot of credits may expire before year end so if you have any last minute tax questions please let me know before the end of the year before it is too late.

I loaded up on a lot of Blu Ray movies for the holidays from sales at the stores.

The slight tightening in the financial market after the FOMC meeting will not really effect the average person. It will be an excuse for banks to raise mortgage interest rates but don’t look for a return larger on your savings accounts too soon. Ugh. Precious metals aren’t so precious though I am big on coal and steel at least for the short term despite people’s perceptions of a glut. You can use coal for steel and to keep things warm. Yes, I know that it isn’t ecologically friendly but in moderation anything can be okay.

Hug your loved ones and watch out for Internet, credit card and identity frauds. Tis the season to be careful (I was gonna say wary but I think somebody already coined that one once).

Hugs go out to those who need them and prayers to everybody on the planet for a peaceful, joyous and sane New Year. May you have prosperity and great health as well. We need to really take care of one another folks. If we don’t, seriously-like duh, who will?

I will be helping out the Rose Parade again and working a station for the Parade. Everybody be safe and have a healthy and happy new year!


Kim Greenblatt

Happy Holidays 2013 Update

Buy the Curio & Relic FFL 03 book for the holidays

October 21st, 2013

Nothing says loving like getting the person you love a Curio & Relic FFL 03 log book for the holidays. Since the publishing of the book back in 2009, the book has become the de facto standard for logging collectible firearms.

You can log hundreds of entries and unless you are really (and by really, I mean over 330 gun entry really) into collecting, one book should last for most if not all of your collecting needs over your lifetime.  Buy some for your friends and neighbors.  Show your support and compliance with legal requirements by getting this logbook.

A video of the book is also available here if you want to see what it looks like on the inside.




The book is one cool-o, mool-o inexpensive gift that will last a long time. You also will be making a contribution towards reversing the symptoms of Rett Syndrome since a portion of all sales go to Rett Syndrome research. Rett affects a girl born once every fifteen minutes. It is caused my a misfiring of a gene where girls lose the ability to walk, talk and care for themselves. Boys who are born with the Rett gene tend to die at birth. Current research is reversing existing symptoms and there has been a tremendous amount of progress. The results (at least in the short term) from the results of the research have in some cases been extraordinary. Like everything else these days, you need money to get doctors interested and excited into working to help you. Your kind purchase of this – or any of my books – helps me take a portion of the sales and use it for Rett Syndrome research. Thank you also on behalf of all the Silent Angels (Rett girls who cannot talk) for your help.

Please – for you and your loved ones – stay healthy, get wealthy and be happy. May you also continue to grow in wisdom!

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Buy the Curio & Relic FFL 03 book for the holidays

Expect Another Late Year for Tax Changes

September 18th, 2013

Sorry for the delay in not posting but I have been busy with things.  Based on what I have been seeing with Congress, we can expect another late year – last minute series of changes for when tax law gets finalized.  The Affordable Medicalcare (“Obamacare”) issues seem to still be resurfacing and any other last minute salvaging of changes to tax code will probably be done close to midnight on the beginning of 2014.

I hope that this isn’t going to be the norm but it sure seems that way.

I was debating with my sister on how the tax code will look and she thinks that the tax preparation business will be gone in five year.  I guess her assumption is that the tax code will be simplifed by then and we will have a flat tax.

My position is that there are too many interests at stake – at least at this time – to try to simplify the procedure.  I may be wrong here.

In any case, the driving question I still am asking – that I have been asking amidst the dross over the last several years – what is Congress doing to get more decent paying jobs and to get more business to loosen their purse strings and wallets?  There is growth and I get it – the middle class has been squished – but there still needs to be some sort of business cycle or else there will not be enough consumers for the producers.

Eventually somebody has to kick some cash out and buy something and the sooner everybody starts trying to value everybody else, the sooner that economies will recover.

What are your thoughts on this?  How about the tax code changes?

Also, since nobody asked, how about everybody take five minutes, turn off all your electronic devices and just talk to people?  Once we start to reconnect as human beings with one another we might try to stop de-humanizing one another.  Just an idea…

Be safe and healthy!

Kim Isaac Greenblatt  Sep 18 2013


Expect Another Late Year for Tax Changes




Congress to review Tax Code making Pardon List

June 28th, 2013

Congress is reviewing tax code and they are looking at what tax breaks, credits and exemptions they should keep. Write your Senators NOW and remind them that things like the property tax deduction, mortgage interest and things relating to our children should be saved. Of late there have been a lot of things that are being thrown on the backs of the American people and this is something that you have a say in stopping.

The article appeared in a few main stream papers and hopefully a lot of web feeds.  It is coming though at a time now in the summer where people aren’t paying that much attention to what is going on already getting their brains wired for fun in the sun. 

I would expect the Earned Incomed Credit might still be on the “Pardon List” and there is always the case that lobbyists will cry foul if something is not being added as a credit.  A lot of credits though are not for the benefit of the American person but for special interests.  It takes some digging to see who actually benefits for getting a tax break.

Would so many people have bought a home if they didn’t get the mortgage interest and prop tax break?  Nope, don’t think so.

I would think that parents of children in college will be (or should be )screaming as well.  The American Opportunity Credit has been a blessing and in some cases it barely covers the cost of some books and lab fees. 

So how long does Congress (and you, by extension) have to get your two cents worth of tax credit in for the Pardon List?

They have until July 26 for the “Pardon List” so please get shaking and get on their cases.   Let ‘em know what you think.  Have a safe summer.

Jun 28 2013

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Congress to review Tax Code making Pardon List

Social Security is NOT entitlement

June 5th, 2013

Hi gang.  Back from a long posting absence (been busy with work and family).  Today’s post it about something that has been bugging me.    It is fairly detailed so stay with me.  

First some history about where social security came from. 

In America (the US), Social Security refers to the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) federal program.  The original (the primary)  Social Security Act (1935) and the current version of the Act, as amended, encompass several social welfare and social insurance programs.

Social Security is primarily funded through dedicated payroll taxes called Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax (FICA). Tax deposits are formally entrusted to the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund, the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund, the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, or the Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund which comprise the Social Security Trust Fund.    A lot of trust funds, huh?

Upward redistribution of income is responsible for about 43% of the projected Social Security shortfall over the next 75 years.

According to economist Martin Feldstein, the combined spending for all social insurance programs in 2003 constituted 37% of government expenditure and 7% of the gross domestic product. Social Security is currently estimated to keep roughly 40 percent of all Americans age 65 or older out of poverty.

People, social security is NOT an entitlement program.  Social security is a program where we, people that live in the United States, give part of our earned income into a program where the money was suppose to have been put aside for our retirements.  Over the years, Congress decided to start taking money from the fund and decided to fund it annually with taxes collected.  Not such a hot idea.

Money that is owed to people who have been paying into the system should be paid back to them – that is basic good business and people who are saying it is an entitlement program need to understand this.  Now – if you have people collecting benefits who have not paid into the system, that is a different story and I would agree with you that it isn’t fair. 

One of the proposed fixes is to increase the age to collect social security.  Fair enough but it has to be fair and there have to be incentives for people to continue to be in the program and government needs to show that they are taking care of people as they get older who have paid into it appropriately.

Stay well people.

June 05 2013

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Social Security is NOT entitlement



Clean from the Inappropriate Library Is Now On Kindle

February 1st, 2013

Every digital fiction fan who wants some thrilling, exciting fiction can rejoice.  My book, Clean- A Tale from the Inappropriate Library, is out on Kindle.

The book can be read as a standalone from the original book, The Inappropriate Library.  The series is about the magical books from the ancient Library of Alexandria and their powers.

To paraphrase myself:

“Another installment in the Inappropriate Library series. What would happen if one of the lost books from the Library of Alexandria got into the hands of a person who had bad intentions?”

Check out the trippy cover:



Clean, A Tale of the Inappropriate Library


“The book takes place in the 1980s before events in the first Inappropriate Library book. Dr. Jan Brighton, an LA PD coroner, has to find out who is killing off drug dealers and restore order when the city starts to panic from bizarre killings in the Latino community. Her son, Patrick, finds himself as a target from an evil supernatural entity. Destruction and death enter their lives until they figure out how to use the power of the books from the Inappropriate Library. This book is for older children and adults and deals with drug use, death, human smuggling and the occult.”

Bear with me with the formatting on the book in Kindle.  It is one of my first books and the formatting I have been told needs getting used to.   I have been told that the story is pretty good.

If you like it and want more stories, shoot me a line or post.

Remember that part of all proceeds of all my books go to research finding a cure for Rett Syndrome.  Rett affects a girl born every fifteen minutes.  Boys generally die at birth if they have the Rett gene.

Have a great weekend.  Be safe if you are at a Superbowl party.

February 02 2013

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Clean: A Tale from the Inappropriate Library Is Now On Kindle – Whoo hoo!






Happy New Year 2013 and Thanks to My Team

January 2nd, 2013

Happy New Year, gang! Special thanks to my Rose Parade team (in no particular order) – Steve, Luis, James, Thomas, and the lovely Diana.


Pictured above are: Steve, Diana, me, James, Luis, Thomas (behind Luis boo hiss), and my leader, Ralph.

Photograph is by Steve. If a man is defined by the people around him, thank you guys and gal for making me look so good.

Hope everybody is doing well with the New Year. Apparently, Congress is trying to earn their money by getting the fiscal cliff flattened out. Here is hoping we don’t get flattened in the process.

Now is the time to start getting all your receipts together gang as well as anything that created income or a tax related document to bring in to the office – yep, it is tax time.

I would expect that e-filing will probably be delayed and the state income tax processing will be pushed out even further in terms of getting the e-filing procedures updated. I guess will shall wait’n see. Now is the time if you have questions to give me a call.

Also start the new year right and start volunteering with something. It doesn’t have to be doing first aid – anything that helps make the community better around you is a great resolution for the new year.

What else in my stream of consciousness —oh yes, if you are in the market for buying a new home or in process, please remember to save all closing documents and papers so your tax pro (hopefully me) can go through the stuff with you and see what is and what isn’t deductible. If you are getting a home – congrats!

Don’t forget that you can take charitable miles if you drove to help volunteer for an event. They go on Schedule A and if you don’t use Schedule A it may not make a difference but it is always a decent move to track mileage for any volunteering you do. Good habits stay forever and one day you may need it.

Be safe, people.

January 02 2013

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Rose Parade Band Survival Guide

December 12th, 2012

Hi Rose Parade Band Leaders and Band Members,
So you are coming out to sunny California for the Rose Parade? Solid! Cool! Awesome. Awright, enough of that. Here are some real important survival tips:

1. Make sure you get rest the night before of the parade. I know, I know – it is possibly your first (or fourth) trip to California and you want to PAR-TAY but you will need your rest the day of the parade.

2. Make sure you eat and are hydrated. If your band leader says not too because you will urinate in your costume – who cares. Better you soil yourself and then have the pee evaporate than you collapse from dehydration, trip and have a tuba fall on your genitals.


Did I mention you need to stay hydrated? Make sure you have a lot of water being towed in a wagon or in your back pocket. You don’t want to collapse. If you have been boozing it up the night before you are already dehydrated and the lack of sleep won’t help you with your precision drill team on tv square. Just sayin’, super stars.

4. Do not wear new shoes that you haven’t broken in to the Rose Parade. You will end up with bloody blisters and sores that will make your feet look like they stepped on a mine field. Make sure you break your shoes in and have socks that are protecting your feet (unless you are performing wearing other stuff). Make sure you are also use to carrying your instrument (your arms will get tired over 5 miles).

If you are the mascot wearing the Giant Corn Dog costume from Corn Dog State, make sure that you are hydrated and can see what is going on. You may have to stop for lonnng periods of time if a float breaks down in front of you.

As a person who has worked as a First Responder for emergencies you may want to take my advice or ask people who have been there before. See you at the parade and be safe!

Got any other tips? Post em on my blog!

Dec 12 2012

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Rose Parade Band Survival Guide