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Greenblatt Business Expense and Mileage Log Book Now Out

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Here is a sweet bargain in tracking business expenses, mileage and planning your monthly business budget for income tax purposes. The Greenblatt Business Expense and Mileage Log Book allows for up to 18 months of entries to help you document and track your self-employment business expenses for income tax puposes. The book also has entries for logging quarterly estimated income tax payments for the Fed estimated taxes and up to 3 States estimated tax payments. No other book or log on the market has anything like it.

The book is broken into 18 sections where you first can log your budget planning versus your actual expenses, your business mileage, your medical and charitable miles and has room for extra notes. You enter the months and years so stock up on several copies. If you have ever been audited by the IRS or respective state taxing authorities you already know that you need to have great documentation.

This log can help you as well as remind you to track your receipts. The cost of this book may also qualify as a business expense for your self-employed business. Just keep this log book in your car, shoulder bag, knapsack, iPad case, or anywhere where you need to easily track your business expenses.

Kim Isaac Greenblatt has been successfully helping people prepare taxes for over eight years and is also the author of several best sellers including “Bad Tax Idea, Good Tax Idea”. Part of all sales from all of his books go to researching a cure for Rett Syndrome. A girl is born with Rett Syndrome once every fifteen minutes. Boys born with the Rett gene usually die at birth.

Greenblatt Business Expense and Mileage Log Book

Publisher: Kim Greenblatt

Imprint: Kim Greenblatt

ISBN/SKU: 1606220055 ISBN

Complete: 978-1-60622-005-4

Book Type: B&W 8.25 x 11 in or 280 x 210 mm Perfect Bound on White

Page Count: 88

Market Pricing United States 9.99 USD

The GREENBLATT BUSINESS EXPENSE AND MILEAGE LOG BOOK published by Kim Greenblatt is out now. . The price is a very reasonable $9.99 plus shipping and handling. California residents will have to pay sales tax. You can order the book in the United States of America here.  It also is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the usual Internet and brick and mortar places.

After all, how can you resist a cute picture of Angel, our purebred Labrador Retriever?  Stay healthy and happy gang.

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Greenblatt Business Expense and Mileage Log Book Now Out

FFL 03 Curio and Relic Book Video Now Online

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Hi gang.   Based on popular demand, I changed the format for the Curio & Relic Book FFL 03 Bound Book.  Here is a video for it (and yes, it is a quick and dirty video so I don’t need to be told that it sucks, thank you).  It now has a total column look to it as in the sample pages that are part of the Curio & Relic examples.  There were concerns about the book and you can see for yourself now that the book has columns.  It still has room for over 400 entries and yes, if you have more than 400 firearms, please buy another book, would you?  Part of the proceeds from all my sales go to researching a cure for Rett Syndrome.  Rett affects a girl born every fifteen minutes.  Boys born with the Rett gene generally die at birth.  Also where do you live that you can store safely over 400 hundred guns? Please think about opening a museum and charging admission at that point. Thanks and as I point out in the book in the opening, remember that you have friends and family that love you so once in awhile get away from the hobby and say hi to them.  Addictive personalities?  What addictive personalities?   Be safe and happy collecting!

I will get around to doing one showing actual firearms one of these days when I get more free time (ha ha). In case I haven’t overstated it enough, make sure that you are always in a clear and sane frame of mind whenever you are handling firearms. Please respect all firearms and always always treat them as if they were loaded. Stay healthy as well, gang.

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

FFL 03 Curio and Relic Book Video Now Online Here