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Kim and Browning Dual 308 Machine Gun

Monday, July 5th, 2010

I went to the Turner’s Sportsman Show they had recently (first weekend in June if memory serves) and while checking out the different vendors there was a guy who offered up a chance to shoot a Dual Browning 308 machine gun for something like 20 bucks for 20 bullets (or was it ten?).  It was pricey – $40 – but I figured how often will I get a chance to shoot a Dual 308 gun.  I also didn’t realize how portly I was and if nothing else it was money well spent to get me exercising more to drop the bullet gut.  In California you aren’t allowed to have a full auto machine gun as a Curio & Relic and in fact you have to be very careful of the laws in whatever state that you live in.  The machine gun is lousy for varmint hunting though it may be great for your neighborhood watch meetings  :).   At the price point for that particular gun I think they are in the tens to twenties of thousands and you are better off making car or mortgage payments with the money :).  Stay healthy, happy, try to get wealthy and be safe, gang!

July 05 2010

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Kim and Browning Dual 308 Machine Gun – A Tough Way To Shoot Varmints