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Chickens are the New Prius

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

According to my friend, Debbie Simpson, chickens are the new Prius. They are the hot new status thing that determines if you are cool or not. There has been an app developed for the iPhone and iPad called Pickin’ Chicken that she told me about that helps you pick your perfect chicken.

You pick the chickens that you want to raise and you get all the details about feeding them and caring for them. I am interested in raising my own birds and so are a lot of Americans. With food scarcity concerns, and people just wanting to go back to simpler times (Debbie’s words) I would tend to agree as well. The thing that Debbie pointed out would be the absurdity and maybe strangeness of seeing celebrities carrying chickens in her purse everywhere. At the hot new clubs, whoever the hottest rapper is rolls in and asks for some champagne for his entourage and some feed for his Dorking (yes, that is a type of chicken).

Would this lead to kidnapping (or chicken-napping) birds similar to the Koi theft that use to happen for championship fish that were raised?  Probably but here in California the coyotes would get to some of the chicken coops first.

My friend Debbie is a naturalist and she is concerned (as I am) about making sure that we will have enough food in the future.  Anything which can promote local self-sufficiency is a good thing, especially if it ends up putting eggs or meat on the table for hungry people. 

I think it is a good trend and maybe profitable for all parties concerned in the long run because it is tough to outsource local food that is grown in your backyard for your consumption.  Now only if we can make sure the zoning laws locally can handle chicken paparazzi…

Happy Holidays!

Kim Isaac Greenblatt, Enrolled Agent

Chickens are the New Prius (Thanks, Debbie!)