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New Low Price For Bad Tax Idea Good Tax Idea Kindle

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Hi gang.  To help out those in financial need  I have lowered the price of my Kindle version of my popular book, Bad Tax Idea, Good Tax Idea to $3.00 in US Currency.  The book has been selling fairly well and has some great advice that I have gathered over the years of some really bad tax suggestions and how to avoid them with really good ones.  Check it out through Amazon if you have a Kindle or a Kindle reader app.  If I get enough interest in it from you guys I might release the book in an ePub format for the iProducts.  Let me know what you guys (and gals) want.

Be safe and if you haven’t filed your income taxes here in the United States the clock is ticking and we are coming down to the last six weeks before April 18, the Federal deadline hits.  Let me know if you want me to do your taxes.

By the way, we are past the deadline for receiving W2s so if you need to generate a substitute W-2 to file your taxes, you can go ahead and file creating one in case your former employer can’t get you a new W2 or went completely out of business (yucho).  Later, gang!

Mar 03 2011

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

New Lower Price For Bad Tax Idea Good Tax Idea Kindle