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June 21 2011 Veggies coming in

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

My tomatoes and red peppers are starting to come in. It may not be profitable at this point to grow produce commerically for the volume that I am doing but it should be enough to keep the family in some food now and then. My strawberries are coming in and I am winning the fight against the bugs in my garden.

The love the strawberries,mint and lettuce. So far my heirloom tomatoes are doing well. My squash is slow moving and the cantalope is moving along slowly. I am looking forward to having the cantalope. Arianna has eaten the strawberries (I have had some and they are sweet). I suggest that everybody if they have the space (even if they don’t) grow some fruit and veggies.

Arianna received a citizenship award and I am happy for her. She was delighted when she was going to the stage and she heard yells and applause for her. She started laughing. It was hot but it was worth it.

Ah, back to having a cup of tea with lemon in it from my own tree. the lemons have been coming in not stop and there look to be more coming in. Nice.

Happy Solstice, gang and I hope you are healthy, happy, getting solvent and getting wisdom.

Jun 21 2011

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

June 21 2011 Veggies coming in

June 02 New Moon Farming

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Ah, the new moon on June 02 2011. I have been waiting for weeks for it to hit so I can complete my planting for my lasagna gardening and farming. I have spent the last few weeks being profitable by planting a lasagna field (roughly ten feet by ten feet) in a sunny corner of my backyard.

The layering that I used was a cardboard box, some horse manure, some cuttings and dead leaves from my front lawn and the street for composty filling, some potting soil, another layer of manure and then some more soil. I am layering the top of the mulchy mess with both alfalfa straw (to build up the nitrates over the next six or so months) and straw hay (to keep the moisture in the soil as I water it).

I have acquired tomato plants, watermelon seeds, cantalope seeds, yams, and some other fine tenants who will provide nourishment and something to look at other than lawn in the back.

My planting will start tonight and I already am starting to get a small tomato on one of my plants. I am excited (what can I say, I excite easily with some things).

I will try and get some pictures up once I get everything into the ground and watered. The temperature has been hot but not hot enough to dry the land completely out and for that I have been grateful. My other garden is doing well. The spearmint I planted is doing well, the chocolate mint -not so much. My spinach and cauliflower are under attack from bugs and I think my strawberries are under both bug invasion at a possible gopher. For my gopher problems I need to put some meshy plastic or something like that under the earth and I forgot to do that over my new plantings. Ah well.

The strawberries, when I get to them before the critters, are pretty sweet and tasty.

The roses in the front of our yard are doing well as well as our trees wth the exception of the poor plum tree. The plum tree has been around for decades from what I understand (I met one of the guys in the neighborhood who remember planting it decades ago) and the few plums that are coming out are under assault my squirrels. The dogs wait patiently at the bottom of the tree having learnt the art of dog stalking. They sit like statues and wait for the squirrels to come down the tree or try to leap to the fence from a branch. A couple older ones have made it. A few babies ended up in Angels’ not-so-tender mercies and teeth.

The dogs have been pretty good about staying out of the garden after tons of yelling and chasing them away. They finally are getting the message. Prior to this Shiloh more than Angel would dig at the roots of the plants and veggies to try and get to them. Smart dogs.

I am in the midst of cleaning out the rest of my backyard from weeds and am trying to get a decent spot to put chickens. The self-sufficency seems to grow upon itself and compound. Er, I think that is a good thing or at least until I run out of energy completely.

If you also have any tax questions or issues please drop me a line or holler at me. Just cuz we are out of offical tax season doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting letters from the Fed or State or don’t have questions, right?

Stay happy and healthy gang!

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

June 02 New Moon Farming

Happy June 01 2011

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Happy June 01 2011 Gang! I bought a bale of alfalfa for my lasagna garden that I am building up (and hopefully it will be a nice farm size plot one day). I will be going to get hay to cover it with tomorrow. The alfalfa will work great for breaking down and making nitrates naturally for the soil, the coverage to keep for evaporation sadly will be lacking.

That is why I need to get hay. The fun part was getting an entire bale of alfalfa cut up and it fit in my car. The Sonata smells nice with alfalfa. I am thinking of trying to make it into a cologne or after-shave…

Have a great day.

June 01 2011 way early AM

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Happy June 01 2011