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One Nation Under Junk Collecting

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

What’s this about all the reality shows shifting over to collecting junk? Between all the treasure hunting, antique collecting, rare item scamming one another shows on tv and on the Internet we’ve lost focus as to what we should be doing. Working to create jobs.

If you watch any of the pawnshop or antique shows (and I’ve stated in the past that I am just as guilty as you are) you see people trying to wheel and deal over buying and selling collectible items. It is interesting but only to a point.

Maybe it is my attention span getting shorter or the fact that I wish the television producers would try to express a little more creativity. I am tired of seeing people at pawnshops getting snarky retorts about how their junk isn’t worth the full price and then they sell it for fifty percent of the value. I get it. It is entertainment and some of it is scripted but what next?

How about a tv show where paint drys and we watch that? Same holds true for antique road show collector types who go to people’s farms and try to lowball them out of their items and then they smirk and wink into the camera “look how much money I made”.

At least in the auction unclaimed storage shows some of them admit they are recreations. Wonder how much of them are scripted.

Then we get the tv shows about hoarding which are the other side of the coin. We have been brainwashed into thinking everything is collectible. It can be if there are markets but right now, people are tight on cash except for those who are very well off or have great income streams. Are we being groomed to be a nation of people now with no material goods and super low expectations but great bargaining skills? Let me know your thoughts.

Okay, I am done for now. Stay comfortable people and please write your Congressional leaders and the President and tell them we need jobs at a local level and fast!

Aug 25 2011

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

One Nation Under Junk Collecting

Upcoming Changes to Sch C for 2011 – 2012

Friday, August 19th, 2011

I just came back from Las Vegas from the IRS Tax Forum that they had there and like a lot of seminars, you find that you can get some good information from some sessions and you take that with you going forward or for your tax practice. One thing coming down the pike from the IRS is that there will be changes coming for people who receive EFT or electronic payments for goods and services that they sell. This will affect business people and especially people who do a lot of ebayish transactions like with paypal and the like. The IRS has not had a way to match up the electronic debits going on and they are starting the process to keep track of it. Can people still be profitable if they are including their monies that they didn’t before? Please! The folks who didn’t report this as income were not in compliance with tax code which states that you are taxed on all worldwide income. Sales from websites fit the bill and if I can put aside money from my book sales and any transactions retailers can to. The impression is that most legitimate retailers do track all of their transactions and it is the borderline pssst come here buddy wanna buy something neat with cash retailers (not my clients) who the IRS wants to talk with.

Look for either changes to the Schedule C and/or changes to the Form 1040 later on for more information or through the IRS website.

Las Vegas was a nice 101 to 106 degrees while I was there and I had a good time at the convention. I am not defending or criticizing the IRS but I have to compliment them because the sheer volume of work that they have to get done for a thankless job is pretty impressive so thanks for being there guys (and ladies).

There were a decent number of software vendors and sales reps at the show and some of their products were interesting. If I have the time I will post more later on.

Stay cool and comfortable gang!

Aug 19 2011

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Upcoming Changes to Sch C for 2011 – 2012


Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

I recently passed the Technician class (if I remembered the name correctly) test and received my ham radio license from the FCC. My call sign is KJ6QLH. I figured for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) or emergency Red Cross help it would be nice to be able to reach people if the cell sites go down. I studied I think for the test for 3 days and at this point I don’t have a ham radio. I am researching what to get and will check with some friends and possibly some more Ham groups. The price for ham radios isn’t relatively expensive when compared to other electronic devices and toys. What does a video game system run with accessories- about $400, right? For that price you can get a Ham radio – a decent handheld and upgrade your antennae.

What has been odd is that places like Radio Shack (which use to heavily support ham radio sales) is not the place to go anymore – weird since they are trying to get the trendy name “The Shack” going. They cell GPS thingies, cell phone stuff and their electronic stuff but not really a lot of ham products (at least here on the West Coast). A few stores are profitable with ham sales since they are the few surviving stores that help sell to government and emergency services support people (and heck, hobbyists too). So far the ham operators I have met and talked with seem like good people. Good to know in case of an emergency and cell phones are dead.

Hope everybody is doing well and they are safe and sane.

I am back teaching tax classes – just a reminder if you have any tax questions for me as well.

Take care.

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

KJ6QLH – my call sign

We Need To Make J O B S F A S T

Monday, August 8th, 2011

This isn’t even funny any more. There are some very practical ways that our Administration can make jobs and keep the budget in place. The government (at Fed and State) levels can offer money as start ups for companies that employ American citizens and/or offer incentives to corporations to hire unemployed Americans who have the skillsets for positions for companies that can manufacture or bring business locally to the city, county, state and national level. It can be profitable for everybody involved and create work but the caveats have to be that the gigs have to be made in the United States and hiring Americans who are out of work. What are some types of manufacturing? Automobile, certain robotic industries and even small parts for some industries.

We have tos stop our interdependence on the world and go back to taking care of ourselves fiscally. The way to do that is to create work that will be profitable and encourage companies to come and stay in the US and not flee. At the same time, companies are getting incredible tax breaks and they need to be fair about this as well because developing nations aren’t developing as much and people internationally are running out of cash and steam.

Maybe I am wrong on this but with what appears to be about 42% unemployment I think that it is time to scream at our politicians and make them do something or limit their terms and vote them out now.

Just sayin’.

Good luck everybody.

We Need To Make J O B S F A S T