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Thanks NASA for listening to me

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

It turns out either I am psychic or I was in tune with the press release that came out today. NASA is going to be building a new liquid rocket and they are going back to the old reliable rocket launches and the goal is to culminate with 1 a year. Down the line there will be in the 2030s a launch for a Mars orbit and hopefully a person landing on Mars. Thanks for hearing me out guys and gals. The future is out there and in space. Now if we can get people working down here and the environment a little cleaned up we will be all set.

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Thanks NASA for listening to me

How do I save America – We Go To Mars

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

How do I suggest we save America and get people working? That is easy. We go to Mars. We start ramping up a domestic only, hire American only system that will employ American citizens for work on a space program to get to Mars and build a space station. Heck, why stop there and why not build a research facility? The cold reality is that companies (the biggy ones) are multi-national and have offices all over the globe these days to try to avoid paying taxes. The IRS is starting to crack down on them. The companies need an incentive to come back to the US, and a financial one in the form of lower or forgiven taxes in exchange for getting people here working isn’t a bad plan. There could be a split patent sharing program and other incentives to keep companies researching and domestic.

My rationale for this is that we can create whatever money we need and if we go deeper into debt, the trade off is that there will be businesses in America employing people and getting their profits and people working again. This worked in the 1960s in the space race and in the 1980s it helped end the Cold War. Spending by government isn’t bad if it is done in a rational way and the money actually gets in the hands of the government’s citizens, right? Debt is also something that can be erased or added to with a stroke of computer key or brush of a finger on a touch screen depending on how it is done. The point is – are people working?

Companies along with their tax breaks could get limited use of any patents that they would create but the US govt would share in revenues as part of the incentive cash for building the spacecraft, the stations or whatever else we need to get people to Mars.

We can start a very early stage terraforming mandate where we get large companies to start researching what it would take to convert Mars into a viable planet that we could inhabit. Sure, my suggestions may be a little kooky but the time has come for some out there suggestions and my proposals aren’t that far out there. In hindsight was it a lot of money spent to get a person on the moon just so they could hit golf balls? Maybe if you didn’t factor in all the great accomplishments technologically that came out of the program.

Have a great day everybody and may you be happy, healthy, getting some cash and keeping your sanity.

Kim Greenblatt

How do I save America – We Go To Mars