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Parents Should Teach Kids About Cameras and Videos

Friday, June 29th, 2012

If you have been following any kind of news media story you will with a doubt come across stories where local people have used their cell cameras to capture beatings, teasings and all sorts of disasters – natural and man-made. The problem is becoming that people all over the nation are becoming a global society of peeping Toms and not helpers.

One case in point is the man who had pulled over and was in a fight with some other people in Los Angeles on the freeway. First off, if your parents didn’t tell – it is a BAD idea to get into a fight unless your life depends on it ESPECIALLY on a freeway. The person who pulled over started videoing the fight and then went over to lift one of the victims.

That is bad medicine because the kid didn’t know if there were neck or back injuries and he looked like he could have hurt the person. I think instead of taking the video and sharing it for notoriety the kid should take some First Aid and CPR classes to do some real help to his fellow (and sister) civillians.

When I saw the video of the lady on the school bus being teased I was wondering when the video would come back to haunt the stupid kids who were doing it.

Parents, take a couple of minutes and teach your children that it is important to have manners and respect for people all over regardless of race, creed, color or social standing. While you are at it tell them it is a bad idea to video record everything.

So to recap, stop watchiing and start doing – doing things to help people.

Okay – have a great weekend and off my rant.

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Parents Should Teach Kids About Cameras and Videos