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Rose Parade Band Survival Guide

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Hi Rose Parade Band Leaders and Band Members,
So you are coming out to sunny California for the Rose Parade? Solid! Cool! Awesome. Awright, enough of that. Here are some real important survival tips:

1. Make sure you get rest the night before of the parade. I know, I know – it is possibly your first (or fourth) trip to California and you want to PAR-TAY but you will need your rest the day of the parade.

2. Make sure you eat and are hydrated. If your band leader says not too because you will urinate in your costume – who cares. Better you soil yourself and then have the pee evaporate than you collapse from dehydration, trip and have a tuba fall on your genitals.


Did I mention you need to stay hydrated? Make sure you have a lot of water being towed in a wagon or in your back pocket. You don’t want to collapse. If you have been boozing it up the night before you are already dehydrated and the lack of sleep won’t help you with your precision drill team on tv square. Just sayin’, super stars.

4. Do not wear new shoes that you haven’t broken in to the Rose Parade. You will end up with bloody blisters and sores that will make your feet look like they stepped on a mine field. Make sure you break your shoes in and have socks that are protecting your feet (unless you are performing wearing other stuff). Make sure you are also use to carrying your instrument (your arms will get tired over 5 miles).

If you are the mascot wearing the Giant Corn Dog costume from Corn Dog State, make sure that you are hydrated and can see what is going on. You may have to stop for lonnng periods of time if a float breaks down in front of you.

As a person who has worked as a First Responder for emergencies you may want to take my advice or ask people who have been there before. See you at the parade and be safe!

Got any other tips? Post em on my blog!

Dec 12 2012

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Rose Parade Band Survival Guide

PAPA Fiesta Dec 8 2012 videos OMG!!

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Here are some videos from the PAPA Fiesta held at the Zen Buffet this year. As usual, it was a cool fun fest and thanks to Cecil, our beloved leader and dictator (he loves that phrase), Mary, Steve( well all the Steves), John and everybody else who helped and everybody who attended. Yes, the videos are shakey – whoo hoo!


Neal, you flatterer, you!   That is why Neal, N7EAL, is the toast of Hollywood.   Food was good, company was better and I received a lot of valuable input from Arie, Ramundo, Rob, Ray, Marc, and others about getting started with HF.  I need to make room in my office and make sure the wiring is okay for that!

73, Gang, and Happy Holidays!!  Be super-healthy, ultra-wealthy, very-wise and mega-happy!

Dec 09 2012
Kim Isaac Greenblatt

PAPA Fiesta Dec 8 2012 videos OMG!!!