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Expect Another Late Year for Tax Changes

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Sorry for the delay in not posting but I have been busy with things.  Based on what I have been seeing with Congress, we can expect another late year – last minute series of changes for when tax law gets finalized.  The Affordable Medicalcare (“Obamacare”) issues seem to still be resurfacing and any other last minute salvaging of changes to tax code will probably be done close to midnight on the beginning of 2014.

I hope that this isn’t going to be the norm but it sure seems that way.

I was debating with my sister on how the tax code will look and she thinks that the tax preparation business will be gone in five year.  I guess her assumption is that the tax code will be simplifed by then and we will have a flat tax.

My position is that there are too many interests at stake – at least at this time – to try to simplify the procedure.  I may be wrong here.

In any case, the driving question I still am asking – that I have been asking amidst the dross over the last several years – what is Congress doing to get more decent paying jobs and to get more business to loosen their purse strings and wallets?  There is growth and I get it – the middle class has been squished – but there still needs to be some sort of business cycle or else there will not be enough consumers for the producers.

Eventually somebody has to kick some cash out and buy something and the sooner everybody starts trying to value everybody else, the sooner that economies will recover.

What are your thoughts on this?  How about the tax code changes?

Also, since nobody asked, how about everybody take five minutes, turn off all your electronic devices and just talk to people?  Once we start to reconnect as human beings with one another we might try to stop de-humanizing one another.  Just an idea…

Be safe and healthy!

Kim Isaac Greenblatt  Sep 18 2013


Expect Another Late Year for Tax Changes