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Happy Holidays 2013 Update

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Sorry for the delay in getting information posted – happy holidays, gang. I have been busy getting my training for 2013 tax law changes. By the way, the IRS will not start taking returns until Jan 31 2013 so you have some time to start getting last minute things in place. A lot of credits may expire before year end so if you have any last minute tax questions please let me know before the end of the year before it is too late.

I loaded up on a lot of Blu Ray movies for the holidays from sales at the stores.

The slight tightening in the financial market after the FOMC meeting will not really effect the average person. It will be an excuse for banks to raise mortgage interest rates but don’t look for a return larger on your savings accounts too soon. Ugh. Precious metals aren’t so precious though I am big on coal and steel at least for the short term despite people’s perceptions of a glut. You can use coal for steel and to keep things warm. Yes, I know that it isn’t ecologically friendly but in moderation anything can be okay.

Hug your loved ones and watch out for Internet, credit card and identity frauds. Tis the season to be careful (I was gonna say wary but I think somebody already coined that one once).

Hugs go out to those who need them and prayers to everybody on the planet for a peaceful, joyous and sane New Year. May you have prosperity and great health as well. We need to really take care of one another folks. If we don’t, seriously-like duh, who will?

I will be helping out the Rose Parade again and working a station for the Parade. Everybody be safe and have a healthy and happy new year!


Kim Greenblatt

Happy Holidays 2013 Update