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Red Cross Rose Parade Team 7 2014

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Happy New Year, Gang!

Here is a picture of my team from the Rose Parade this year. Hope you all have a great year!


Rose Parade Team 7 Med Division

Rose Parade Team 7 Med Division

From left to right, Paul Emmons (Branch Director), Dr. James Lemus, Steven Xiao (EMT), Kim Greenblatt (Division Head), Jesssica Boardman (EMR), Luis Lemus (EMT), and Brandon Flath (EMT).

They are one of the best teams I could ever hope to work with. It was fun volunteering and working with these great men and women.

The weather was wonderful and it was a great day for a parade and all the spectators who came to watch. There were some great floats and as always, some wonderful bands with hard working and hard playing musicians.

The other Red Cross stations had great volunteers as well and overall a good time was had by all – which is always a good thing.

I had worked the Hollywood Christmas parade in 2013 as well and there was a great team of people from the LAFD Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)  there as well.

Even with my business schedule and taking care of family, I try to find time to give back and help the community. As I always remind people and anybody who asks – If we don’t help ourselves, who will?

It is tough to get by one’s self sometimes. As long as we try to help each other and do it with respect I think we have a shot of keeping the human race around for awhile. I think it is when people are unwisely selfish (versus wisely selfish which is a topic for another day) that things go from bad to worse.
I like keeping things better.

I strongly urge people to go out and get some inexpensive medical training or do something to help each other out. Life is short and we all need some help now and then.

Hope all your dreams come true for this New Year.

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Red Cross Rose Parade Team 7 2014