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Curio & Relic FFL 03 – Get your Fed Log Book Now

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Collecting antique firearms?  Please make sure that you get a Curio & Relics FFL 03 license and you might find yourself getting some breaks on registration for firearms and waiting time.  You will need a logbook and the one that I sell is one of the best on the market.  Don’t be fooled by slightly cheaper, cruddy quality binding.  There is a rip off of my book in a black cover that I would not recommend. My log book can hold over 440 firearm entries.  It is a no frills book that quickly and accurately allows you to be compliant with Federal firearm regulations concerning Curio & Relic firearms.


By Federal definition you will need a bound book and this fits the bill perfectly!   Get it today! Just save your money because the hobby is addicting!

It is fun collecting curio and relics, antiques and firearms that are over 50 years old. Remember good gun safety and keep teaching your kids safe and sane handling of weapons. Thanks for listening.

Kim Greenblatt




Beat the Heat with Tax Planning Now

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Hi Friends,

The next few days here in California are going to be hot ones here in the San Fernando Valley and the surest way to beat the heat is to do some tax planning now.  How does it beat the heat?  You avoid financial heat later in the year – and early next year by not freaking out that you didn’t take care of things earlier.

So please take this as your wake up call to adjust any W-4 paperwork, re-visit your budgets, make sure you are current on any estimated tax payments and overall think about giving me a call if you have any lingering questions.

Some other items that might be important to be addressed:

Start collecting your medical receipts now and start using spreadsheets or an app to total the amounts for the different categories of doctors/dentists, hospital visits, lab, prescriptions.  Remember it is only what you pay out of pocket and not reimbursed.

If you re-financed taking advantage of these great low interest rates get your paperwork and keep it together safe so at tax time it will make things easier – especially if you paid for a lot of points, closing costs that are tax deductible and things of that ilk.

Start getting the totals for all of your charity contributions and make sure you have the cancelled checks and thank you letters in one place.  Your tax person (maybe me, even) just wants the totals and you should keep the stuff ready in case you are audited.

Remember most audits these days are by computer generated letter and they are trending to come now anytime of the year rather than in one time.  These last couple of seasons they have been inconveniently coming at tax time and that was just yucky for everybody.

So to keep you in a bright and sunny disposition let me close with a beautiful picture of our sun, Sol, courtesy of NASA from 7-11 showing the different fields of the sun.


Kim G profitable sun


Be well, my friends.

Kim I Greenblatt


Beat the Heat with Tax Planning Now