Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Business VI-Time Commitment

Do you like to work long hours?  Can you deal well with aggrevation and stress?  If you are planning on starting your own business you need to be able to deal with working ten to twelve hour work days initially.  It will be your business and it will grow or whither away depending on how much time and energy you put in.

If we go back to our hot dog cart example, you can figure that you will move your cart from place to place to try and maximize the amount of hot dogs you can sell in an 8-12 hour period of time.

Let’s say you need to open up your hot dog cart at the courthouse at 11 for the lunch hour rush.  You are there for two hours so plan on getting an additional two hours of preparation each day to get to your first destination.  From 2-4 you travel to some construction sites or to a stadium.  From 4:30-6 pm you go back to the courthouse or stay at the stadium.  Let us say that you move to an outdoor mall by the ocean to get the late night traffic.  You end up staying there till 10 pm.  You then take 1-2 hours to go home, clean up the cart and get ready for tomorrow’s day.

Ask most independent businessmen and you will find that they work up 10-15 hour days easily.  Most of them enjoy what they are doing so initially it isn’t a problem.

But if you want to have a social life and get back to your family, girl friend, boy friend or relative of choice, you need for them to understand that initially they won’t be seeing much of you because you are trying to start your own business.


Kim Greenblatt

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