Book Cover Design – Pictures and Words That Have Grab

Do marketing people still use the word “grab”?  That use to be the term that they would say when they liked or disliked something.

“That web page doesn’t have the grab that I want.”

“That movie poster has a lot of grab.  You can really see that girl’s nice face!”

This particular page in my profitable blog and website has to deal with using pictures and words that have the elusive “grab” to capture a viewer’s attention, keep it and transform the person into a purchaser of your service or work or your message.

What makes grab?

1.  Knowing Your Niche

2.  The Right Words

3.  The Right Images

4.  The Right Price

Let’s break it down:

1.  Knowing Your Niche – If you have a website or store that deals with the environment, you don’t want to throw on ads or products for bulldozers.  Let’s say you’ve worked hard for years and you are trying to monetize your website or company.  You have built up a loyal fan base.  Cool.  Show them things that you already know that they want.  It is easier to sell something to someone when they already want it.  Sell things or show them items that would appeal to their niche.  In this case, environmentally safe detergent, camping gear, maybe holistic foods.  Something like bulldozers would be too jarring and would send traffic away. 

When it comes to book covers, same rules apply.  You want to have images that reflect what is inside the book.  Don’t go for artsy.  Go for direct.

2.  The Right Words – Make sure that your book title clearly conveys what is inside the book.  One of my books, Practical Low and No Limit Texas Hold’em Ring Games had some push back because I didn’t have enough no limit in the book.  I rectified that by doing a book exclusively on $40 No Limit poker and that corrected the situation.   Keep the words simple for your readers and clear.  The search engines will be able to lock onto them easier as well.  Don’t go for sensationalism stuff throwing in pop culture or celebrities unless the book is about pop culture or celebrities.  They come and go and you want your book to be around unless it is specifically about that celebrity or cultural phenomena.

3.  The Right Images – Keep the pictures and images on topic.  Test them at different resolutions and think small since on the bookstore sites you will only get a thumbnail image.  For my non-fiction books I go for the no image approach most of the time since people want their information and they want it fast.

If the image can help sell the book, say an image of a pretty girl, handsome boy or couples  on a book about relationships, I would go with a nice image and leave something for the imagination.   Keep it G or PG rated so you don’t end up getting blocked by web protection tools.

4.  The Right Price – Whatever the market is willing to pay for your book or type of book, stick to the price range.  Don’t think that you are offering something special that is worth an extra $50.  Amazon and bookstores are filled with self-help tapes, books, DVDs, files that are over-priced.


That is all that I can think of for now.  If you follow my advice you will have a book that will grab readers.

Now keeping them and converting them into purchasers will be up to you and the content of your book!

Part of all my book proceeds go to research finding a cure for Rett Syndrom and reversal of symptoms.

Kim Greenblatt

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