Congress to review Tax Code making Pardon List

Congress is reviewing tax code and they are looking at what tax breaks, credits and exemptions they should keep. Write your Senators NOW and remind them that things like the property tax deduction, mortgage interest and things relating to our children should be saved. Of late there have been a lot of things that are being thrown on the backs of the American people and this is something that you have a say in stopping.

The article appeared in a few main stream papers and hopefully a lot of web feeds.  It is coming though at a time now in the summer where people aren’t paying that much attention to what is going on already getting their brains wired for fun in the sun. 

I would expect the Earned Incomed Credit might still be on the “Pardon List” and there is always the case that lobbyists will cry foul if something is not being added as a credit.  A lot of credits though are not for the benefit of the American person but for special interests.  It takes some digging to see who actually benefits for getting a tax break.

Would so many people have bought a home if they didn’t get the mortgage interest and prop tax break?  Nope, don’t think so.

I would think that parents of children in college will be (or should be )screaming as well.  The American Opportunity Credit has been a blessing and in some cases it barely covers the cost of some books and lab fees. 

So how long does Congress (and you, by extension) have to get your two cents worth of tax credit in for the Pardon List?

They have until July 26 for the “Pardon List” so please get shaking and get on their cases.   Let ’em know what you think.  Have a safe summer.

Jun 28 2013

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

Congress to review Tax Code making Pardon List

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