East Coast People Have Our Thoughts and Prayers

On behalf of myself and the people around me, our thoughts and prayers go out to the people on the Eastern seaboard who are in the process of getting their lives back together after Hurricane Sandy.

Remember that the basics come first, first make sure that you, yourself are okay, that your loved ones and then your neighbors. Make sure you have the basics in place. Food, water and shelter.

Please try to stay dry and be patient. When I heard that a local mayor was complaining that the National Guard was called last night and they still weren’t there yet. Patience! It takes time to mobilize units and remember, everybody was pissing and moaning about too much govt waste until people realized that govt is good for something. With water knocking out roads, bridges and air conditions not safe for air travel I am hopeful that by the time you are reading this (in the morning) that help is on the way if not there already.

To the National Guardsmen and women coming in to help, thank you and please take care of yourselves as well.

Thank you my fellow and sister Americans as well for rising to the situation and helping. A lot of West Coast aid teams are flying to the East to help with rescue and restoration processes. We really are one nation and it is sad that it takes a natural disaster to remind us of that.

Just remember that services and rebuilding cost money and we can get it but we need to have government services – and at the national level – to be able to use them as well as at the state level. The programs in place work, they just need to be set in motion and have patience.

Best of luck to us all for enduring through Hurricaine Sandy. Happy Birthday to Sharren and Sandy (my Sharren and her sister, Sandy) who had their birthdays yesterday as well!

Good health and happiness to us all!


Kim Isaac Greenblatt

East Coast People Have Our Thoughts and Prayers

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