Get That Part Time Job To Help With College High School or the Mortgage

Finding it hard to make ends meet with just one job? Finding it tough to change jobs? You may want to think about picking up a part time gig. The problem is generally that you need to find something that will make it worth your time to do the work. If you are generally in need of cash, period, it doesn’t matter. Even in this tight economy you can find part time work if you look for it. Check out local Pennysaver, city newspapers as well as the internet. Check out the local malls and if you see something that you might be interested in – apply NOW, don’t wait.

This holiday season a lot of people will be looking for part time work to supplement their income.
With some of the larger chain stores going bankrupt, there may be slim pickens when it comes to looking for work at a chain store.

That just means you need to be more creative. It may mean that you need to go to the local mall and see if you can get a job as a shoe salesman instead of a video game store worker. Big deal. Cash is cash and you are not married to the job (or at least I hope you aren’t).

Make sure that you are putting aside enough savings to cover any income taxes that you may owe for your state as well as the Federal government.

Try not to spend money at the store you are working at because that defeats the purpose of making extra income.

Watch your schedule if you are going to college that your hours don’t conflict (or at least can be rescheduled) if you are taking classes or labs with weird hours. School should come first, unless of course you are fighting for your mortgage!

For more income making ideas and part time job suggestions, you may want to check this out.

Good luck and happy holidays!

Kim Greenblatt

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