In poker, pocket Aces can make you an Enemy Ace or a Broke Ace

It is no wonder that in air combat in World War I (and later throughout other wars), people who claimed the most combat kills in the sky were called “aces”. There was even a comic book called, “Enemy Ace” which documented the trials and tribulations of an honorable airman who was a great pilot warrior.

You will find that if you catch pocket aces in Texas Hold’em that you are statistically in the best position you can be in preflop. You statistically, like our hero, Enemy Ace, can look forward to making the most kills.

Out of 169 possible starting hand combinations, the pair of aces is the best hand you can have pre-flop. If the game were to end right there, you win! You are looking at about an 85% chance of winning the round at this point, plus or minus a few points.

Depending on the flop, you probably will be holding the trigger to fire your Gatling guns through your propellers and blast the other Sopwith Camels and other World War I planes out of the sky!
But statistics don’t tell the whole story do they?

How many times have you had pocket aces and the board comes up like this?

Short of hoping for another ace to come up on the turn and the river to pair the board (or vice versa), you have gone from the favorite to the not-so-favorite to the person or people sitting with two diamond cards or their own Ace of diamonds waiting to hit another diamond in the next two cards.

Would you want to get aces dealt to you everytime? Sure. I would take them everytime. As long as you can be prepared to drop them like excess ballast on your biplane. You don’t want to be the one pilot who keeps firing and gets close enough to be smashed by King Kong on top of the Empire State Building.  You want to be one of the ones that fly away, hopefully with your cash, while Kong falls off the building!

Fly on, Enemy Aces!!!!

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Kim Greenblatt

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