In Poker, The Jackson Five is A Lot of Jive

In poker, you will see a lot of players in Texas Hold’em playing weird junky hands like J5o represented as follows:

In Texas Hold’em poker slang, the hand is called the “Jackson Five”.  For those of you funky hipsters who happen to remember or like the Jacksons, playing this hand is not so easy as “A-B-C”.  By the way if you get a hand of Jacks and fives, and the board is something like this:

the slang term for that hand is “Motown”. Get down on it!

So, cool cats. Can you dig what the odds are that this is a good starting hand? Let’s see how funky fresh it looks like statistically speaking.

Like a lot of starting hands, initially, it is yucky preflop compared to anything else. Your preflop hand rank of is 142 out of 169 with 1 being the best hand rank and 169 being the worst. Let us say that you get the best of all worlds and everybody folds except for one player. The odds preflop are that you have a lousy 38% chance of winning if you make it to a showdown roughly based on 1,500,000 or so hands being dealt. If you have five other opponents your stock in the J5o drop to 10%.

Ah ha, some may argue but what if it is a no-limit game and I am getting great pot odds for staying in the game? My answer is that it depends. Where I disagree with a lot of poker experts is that just because you may be getting great pot odds to stick around and bet, it doesn’t mean you have to play the hand.

Why is that?

Because the reason your odds are so great is that statistically you will lose your money more times than you will win it. The people who like to play The Jackson Five hand do this because it is their secret favorite hand to surprise people when they hit it or because they may have it once or twice before and gotten lucky and they tend only to remember that winning hand.

If you are in the big blind and can just go in without doing anything else, you have already paid to see the flop so stick around. I would suggest though you be willing to fold if you are in a low limit game and see an overcard or three of a different suit then you have and neither of the cards are a Jack or a Five.

Use your own discretion and your mileage may vary.

When it comes to music I still like to listen to the Jackson Five but when it comes to the cards, they are sour notes.

Kim Greenblatt

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When it comes to some hands in poker, the J5o, also known as “Jackson Five” is off key.

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