Introducing Judy Schmoll

At the Rett picnic last Saturday (my daughter has Rett Syndrome and we have an annual picnic to raise money to find a cure for Rett as well as making lives easier for Rett girls), I met a girl who is Melinda’s sister from the Rett group.  There was something about her that screamed creativity.  Call it a vibe from knowing talent when I see it.  It was ironic since I hadn’t seen anything she had drawn yet.  I asked her, “Are you a creative person?”  She answered, “Yes” and we started talking about art and drawing.

It turns out that Judy was an artist.  And not just an artist.  She is one of those rare individuals that can actually draw what they see with their eye type of artists.  A WYSIWYG artist.  Amazing.  I was and still am enthralled, envious and delighted.  I’ve asked Judy if she wants to ever illustrate a graphic novel for me or work on a comic strip.  She isn’t sure yet if that is an expressive avenue for her.

Her work, for now, is canvas art.  Take a look again at the samples on this page.  The images really don’t do the work justice. The picture of the two girls when I first saw it made me think that somebody took a black and white photograph and just scanned it.  Nope. That is Judy’s work.

I hope that Judy continues to draw and she keeps me in mind if she ever decides to venture into comic book or graphic art.  Even if she would do a children’s book of illustrations – that would rock. 

It would be cool if she developed into being the next Alex Ross. I am a sucker for great artwork of comic or mythological characters or bible stories told and illustrated with people who look like real people.  Like Alex Ross and other artists, Judy said that she likes to draw from real life people in her work.  Wow.  To even draw something like a shoe with character like she does just floors me!  The color piece is pretty awesome as well.

Judy is a modest lady.  She is soft-spoken and didn’t let the cat out of the bag that can draw.  She is letting her art speak for herself.  I am hoping that along with her business studies that she can turn her artistic talent into a viable income stream.  The world will be a better place for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause and a tip of the hat for Ms. Schmoll.

Please, please, please – please keep up the great work!  

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

November 1, 2008

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