Killer Customer Service

What makes killer customer service?

Taking the time to smile when you greet the customer. 
Ask them how you can help them.
Listen to their answer.
If you can, suggestive sell whatever it is you are selling.
If they need help, are elderly, have special needs or anything special, you take the time to take care of them. 
Keep your focus on your job. 

Simple stuff?  It is until you see how many people who don’t do it and you get lousy service.

Long time readers know that I am always griping about the lack of customer service that we are suppose to receive. The cure is simple. Take to heart what your employer tells you that you should do, especially if you are a part time worker, and remember the customer.

Most people who I see these days are too busy dragging their heels in their service jobs. Sure, I don’t like to be hit on the head with aggressive salespeople either but how about a happy medium? Too often I have had the displeasure of coming across a person who seems to be doing me a favor by listening to me.

Please. Don’t worry. I will leave and take my business elsewhere.

Make sure that you aren’t one of the people who will be out of work because of lousy customer service skills. Take the time to listen and deal with your customers. Good people skills can be used on any job – even on the Internet if you end up doing interactive web support.

Don’t take my word for it. Think of all the times you got lousy service at a restaurant or at the movies. Become a killer in customer service so you can recognize how to avoid being a victim!

Part of all my book proceeds go to research finding a cure for Rett Syndrom and reversal of symptoms.

Kim Greenblatt

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