List of State Taxing Authorities or Agencies

As far as I know, this list is not current.  The states have been moving a lot of info around and I can’t keep up.  Google is your friend in this case and you are better off searching for the state if it isn’t listed here.  You can also find a copy of the list online at:
Alabama Department of Revenue        

Alaska Department of Revenue        

Arizona Department of Revenue
Arkansas Department of Finance and
California Franchise Tax Board
California Board of Equalization        

Colorado Department of Revenue
Connecticut Department of Revenue
Delaware Division of Revenue        
District of Columbia Office of the
        Chief Financial Officer

Florida Department of Revenue 

Georgia Department of Revenue  

Hawaii Department of Taxation
Idaho State Tax  Commission
Illinois Department of Revenue        
Indiana Department of Revenue

Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance
Kansas Department of Revenue        

Kentucky Revenue Cabinet
Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation
Maine Revenue Services        

Maryland Comptroller of the Treasury
Massachusetts Department of Revenue        

Michigan Department of Treasury     
Minnesota Department of Revenue    
Mississippi State Tax Commission

Missouri Department of Revenue

Montana Department of Revenue 

Nebraska Department of Revenue
Nevada Department of Taxation        

New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration
New Jersey Division of Taxation 
New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department 

New York Department of Taxation and Finance 
North Carolina Department of Revenue
North Dakota State Tax Department        

Ohio Department of Taxation        

Oklahoma Tax Commission        

Oregon Department of Revenue        

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue        
Rhode Island Division of Taxation
South Carolina Department of Revenue        
South Dakota Department of Revenue
Tennessee Department of Revenue
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts         
Utah State Tax Commission        

Vermont Department of Taxes        

Virginia Department of Taxation        
Washington Department of Revenue
West Virginia State Tax Department       

Wisconsin Department of Revenue        

Wyoming Department of Revenue

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