Make Sure That Your Business Plans All Come Together

If you have taken the time to write your business plan, prepare for your business, consider what type of business you want, you have figured out what tax issues you have for the state you live in, and now what?

Well, if things are going well, you should have your contingency plan in place and you shouldn’t be taking any gambles that you don’t have to. So, you start looking at what is going on day to day and what you can do to improve it. Make sure that your credit is in good shape because if you plan on growing at any time in the future, you may need to borrow money.

If you have enough money of your own, great. Most people though, even with money, find that their businesses need more than they generally have.

Don’t be locked in your plans. The marketplace changes now faster than ever. If you need to, plan with your staff, partners or stockholders for changes to stay profitable. If you find that you are losing money, it is time to step back and see if there is something that you change in your business.

Make sure that your insurance and bonds are current if you have them or need them.

Ask your customers how you are doing. They won’t be bashful. If you are doing a great job, get their testimonials. If not, see what you can do to improve your business and you will watch everything come together!

If you employ staff, ask them for feedback and try not to take it personally otherwise they will lie to you. If you have a bad rapport with your staff, think about changing it. If there are people who are working for you who really aren’t working for you – meaning that they are lazy, not taking their work seriously, you need to think about replacing them. There are plenty of people looking for work right now and there are a lot of good workers out there.

So keep your plans in order, make sure you are acting on them and review them. Your plans for your business will help materialize what your business has planned for you!

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Kim Greenblatt

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