PAPA Fiesta Dec 8 2012 videos OMG!!

Here are some videos from the PAPA Fiesta held at the Zen Buffet this year. As usual, it was a cool fun fest and thanks to Cecil, our beloved leader and dictator (he loves that phrase), Mary, Steve( well all the Steves), John and everybody else who helped and everybody who attended. Yes, the videos are shakey – whoo hoo!


Neal, you flatterer, you!   That is why Neal, N7EAL, is the toast of Hollywood.   Food was good, company was better and I received a lot of valuable input from Arie, Ramundo, Rob, Ray, Marc, and others about getting started with HF.  I need to make room in my office and make sure the wiring is okay for that!

73, Gang, and Happy Holidays!!  Be super-healthy, ultra-wealthy, very-wise and mega-happy!

Dec 09 2012
Kim Isaac Greenblatt

PAPA Fiesta Dec 8 2012 videos OMG!!!

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4 Responses to “PAPA Fiesta Dec 8 2012 videos OMG!!”

  1. Kim,

    Very nice videos.



  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Ray! Nice pictures you took as well. What a master!

  3. admin says:

    Thanks again and your pictures aren’t too shabby either. Thanks also for the coax suggestion. Looks like that coax will last for a hundred years or at least ten, whichever comes first…