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This post will be dealing with project management. Project Managers, and to a certain extent, directors, have the best of all worlds and the worst of all worlds. They get to see the big picture. They get to be the decision makers to plot the course of “the plan”. What is the plan? Whatever it is that the business side of the company is asking you to develop, maintain or provide.

The downside is that a project manager is the roast beef in a the corporate sandwich where the bread on top is upper management and the bread on the bottom is your team.

Depending on the business you are in, and how the project goes, you can either be a hero or a piece of meat to be digested. Project managers in banking may have gotten the squeeze during this last banking/housing crisis. Managers in internet projects constantly have to be watching and improving their product because their business demands that they be on top of it.

In order to be a profitable project manager – and it doesn’t matter if you are a full time employee or a contract one – you need to be able to:

1. Be organized.
2. Be a great communicator.
3. Be cost effective.
4. Be a diplomat.

If you are organized, your vision of the plan will be clear when you present it to management and your staff.

If you are a great communicator you should be open to suggestions from management and your team. They may have some great ideas for getting the project done.

If you are cost effective, you will get to keep your job after the project and they may let you manage another project.

If you are a good diplomat, you can tactfully ignore the suggestions from management and your team if you want to try and get the project in under budget on top so you can keep your job.

Not all projects fail because of a poor vision. Sometimes it is in the execution and the project manager is the person who has to take the blame since he or she will take the credit if the software is implemented on time, the gizmo gets produced or the blog gets published on time.

Kim Greenblatt

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