Rett Syndrome Moment – Arianna Speaks

In one of those moments that seems supernatural, I actually caught Arianna saying the words “hi” and “yeah”. To be fair, I have lots of videos of me talking to her and some of me singing, or Sharren, or Jacob and it must have been one of those rare moments when everything clicked because she was able to not only respond, but she did so appropriately.

Rett girls, though they lose the power of controlled verbal speech, can still sometimes say words that they use to be able to say before the Rett gene kicks in. Sometimes they can say things afterwards like Arianna does here. I guess I should keep singing to her and see if that helps.


Anybody have any other ideas or thoughtst that would help communication with Rett girls or any person that is non-verbal generally in their communication patterns?

Please post below!

Kim Greenblatt

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