Seasonal Sales

If you are like most people, you will notice that there isn’t generally a steady stream of business going on around you. Sometimes things are super busy and sometimes things are deadly slow. In business, you might find this more pronounced with seasonal sales.

Seasonal sales range from getting the tvs and toys discounted from September thru November for Christmaas and Hanukkah sales to getting the snow machines ready on the mountain slopes for opening up your ski lodge.

Are you planning for your seasonal sales?

More importantly, are you saving money and banking it to cover the lean times that may result from not having a lot of business. Let us take for example an ice cream store in Southern California. They generally do their best business in summer and they can keep their doors open longer. Sure, they may have to pay some part time helper some money but that will be offset by the extra people who come in because it is hot, because they want something with sugar and because they want something generally with chocolate.

These businesses don’t do well on rainy days, snow days or in winter. When people are hot they eat ice cream and drink milk shakes and ice coffees. In winter they want hot chocolate and warm food.

Owners of seasonal businesses try to save and plan for the downtime. During the downtime they see what they can do to imporve business and make improvements to their store.

Amusement parks have downtime as well. Take a look at places like Universal Studios or Disneyland. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the parks do a lot of maintenance in preparation for the winter holiday rush of business.

You should take a page from their workbook and plan your future business and sales for when times are not so busy.

There is a season for everything – even seasonal sales planning!

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Kim Greenblatt

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