Special Needs and Money Carnival

Ah, you have stopped to find out about our little carnival, eh?

Admission is simple for this blog carnival. Simply have a blog that deals with special needs and money. Your blog may be about how you are coping with different social service agencies trying to get funding for your loved ones. Perhaps you have insight into coping mechanisms that we haven’t tried before. Anything in the arena of communication that you can add that might be of interest to those of us with loved ones who are non-verbal and perhaps not as rich as Paris Hilton?

No blogs about internet scams, bad investment ideas, etc.

Any part time jobs that you are legally doing that aren’t affecting your qualification for getting assistance? What advice would you give to new families who get the diagnosis of Rett Syndrome, autism, Cerebral Palsy, or Muscular Dystrophy.

Interested in sending me a blog that covers the topics I mentioned above? If so, please go here.

Please use direct pages for links (i.e., caregiver.html) or if using blogs like WordPress that use .php extensions as coin of the realm, etc point to the page that the blog is on (i.e., /special-needs/). It will make our lives easier.

And isn’t that what this about? Trying to make the lives of our loved ones easier as well?

Also kindly let me know whether your submission is either for the Emotional Roller Coaster
or the fabulous Money Go Round.

Welcome to the Carnival!

Kim Isaac Greenblatt
husband to Sharren, father to Jacob, and Arianna (Rett Syndrome)



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