State and Local Taxes on a W-2 Missing

Question from a reader:”My W-2 looks weird this year.  The information for the State of California looks incomplete.  The bottom of my W-2 doesn’t have any numbers.  Things change that badly for the State of California?”


My answer is no, it sounds like your Human Resources Department or their payroll processing people goofed up and didn’t get the California figures carried over to you correctly.   You need to go back to them and have them reissue the W-2 and/or provide a letter with the correct amounts that you were paid for.  The one exception is that if you aren’t a California worker and not working in a state that has state income tax.  In that case your W-2 would be fine.

Box information should be as follows-Box 15- State name and the Employer’s State ID number.  It may be the same or different from the Fed ID number.

Box 16 – should have your State wages.  The wages again would be different from the Fed or they may be the same.

Box 17 – the box should have your total state income tax paid.

Box 18 generally is blank but when you efile it should have the amount that is the local wages and for California that usually is the amount from Box 16.

Box 19 and 20 – Local income tax and Locality Name generally are where the CASDI, California State Disability Insurance amounts and the acronym “CASDI” go.  They generally are coded incorrectly in Box 14 from  payroll services.

If your HR department is giving you grief or out of business (and by that I mean that the company you use to work for is no longer around – I have seen a lot of that lately) you can use your last paycheck of the year 2008 and get the totals that were withheld for taxes etc and you can make the information work.

Good luck and I hope your HR dept is around and can just reissue or give you the numbers that they filed with the IRS and State of California with!

March 30 2009 midday

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State and Local Taxes on a W-2 Missing

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