Suggestions For Writing Fiction

I get a lot of emails asking about publishing fiction. It is a tough market in this day and age. It has always been a tough market but one really has to be willing to plow through a lot of obstacles in the field of publishing to get noticed.

Because of self-publishing, everybody and anybody who can type has written a book, e-book, Kindle story, web story, blog, piece of poetry, drama, play, screenplay, teleplay or a vampire story that they “know” will be the next big thing.

My suggestion is to place it on the web and see what kind of feedback you get, like so. If you get positive feedback, add some more. Remember that your fiction is up against the overwhelming self-serving interests of all sorts of authors not to mention the mainstream guys. If you are determined, keep at it and don’t quit your day job.

Now that I have said that, because of the web, it is very easy to get your work out there or even published. So, since everybody else knows that, the smartest and most profitable way (get it? I used the title of the blog here, smart marketing, huh?) is to start small and inexpensively. It costs next to nothing to get a website. Get one out there and put up your short story and parts of your novel. See if people will go ahead and read it. Find other authors in your niche and network with them.
Be patient. Do not expect to sell more than a couple of copies if you are self-publishing. Even if you are going through a vanity press (where you pay something to publish for you), you will not sell copies usually to anybody other than your family and friends. They may not even read the stuff after they buy it. Did I mention that having a snappy cover for a spooky thriller (and even a young reader’s book) doesn’t hurt?

In any event, to recap, start small and inexpensively and see what happens. Keep me posted will you?

Good luck!

Kim Greenblatt

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