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Curio & Relic FFL 03 – Get your Fed Log Book Now

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Collecting antique firearms?  Please make sure that you get a Curio & Relics FFL 03 license and you might find yourself getting some breaks on registration for firearms and waiting time.  You will need a logbook and the one that I sell is one of the best on the market.  Don’t be fooled by slightly cheaper, cruddy quality binding.  There is a rip off of my book in a black cover that I would not recommend. My log book can hold over 440 firearm entries.  It is a no frills book that quickly and accurately allows you to be compliant with Federal firearm regulations concerning Curio & Relic firearms.


By Federal definition you will need a bound book and this fits the bill perfectly!   Get it today! Just save your money because the hobby is addicting!

It is fun collecting curio and relics, antiques and firearms that are over 50 years old. Remember good gun safety and keep teaching your kids safe and sane handling of weapons. Thanks for listening.

Kim Greenblatt




FFL 03 Curio and Relic Book Video Now Online

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Hi gang.   Based on popular demand, I changed the format for the Curio & Relic Book FFL 03 Bound Book.  Here is a video for it (and yes, it is a quick and dirty video so I don’t need to be told that it sucks, thank you).  It now has a total column look to it as in the sample pages that are part of the Curio & Relic examples.  There were concerns about the book and you can see for yourself now that the book has columns.  It still has room for over 400 entries and yes, if you have more than 400 firearms, please buy another book, would you?  Part of the proceeds from all my sales go to researching a cure for Rett Syndrome.  Rett affects a girl born every fifteen minutes.  Boys born with the Rett gene generally die at birth.  Also where do you live that you can store safely over 400 hundred guns? Please think about opening a museum and charging admission at that point. Thanks and as I point out in the book in the opening, remember that you have friends and family that love you so once in awhile get away from the hobby and say hi to them.  Addictive personalities?  What addictive personalities?   Be safe and happy collecting!

I will get around to doing one showing actual firearms one of these days when I get more free time (ha ha). In case I haven’t overstated it enough, make sure that you are always in a clear and sane frame of mind whenever you are handling firearms. Please respect all firearms and always always treat them as if they were loaded. Stay healthy as well, gang.

Kim Isaac Greenblatt

FFL 03 Curio and Relic Book Video Now Online Here