When Filling Out Medical or Govt Forms Take Your Time

If you’ve ever had to fill out government forms for applications for Social Security benefits, in home support, etc you will know that you are entering a very confusing series of papers and the penalty for not doing them correctly is that you may not get the funding, support or medical benefits that you need to take care of yourself or your loved ones.


The best plan of attack (unless you have a crushing time deadline) is to do the forms quietly when others in the house are asleep or somewhere else playing.  If you need your spouse or significant other, make it a time when the pair of you are relaxed.  Yes, I know, you may never be relaxed but that is info for another blog entry!  For this one, just try to make time for when the two of you can answer questions.

If the forms require photocopies of personal information such as social security cards, birth certificates or paychecks/stubs, check on the internet or with advocates if all that is required.  Usually it has to be posted in writing and if you are trying to qualify for programs based on income, they will probably want either a paystub or letter from an employer that they can validate to prove that you are making the money that you are saying you are.

Always make copies of everything that you send in.  If need be, send in the information by registered mail or courier so you can have a receipt that it was received, especially if you have a time deadline.

Keep an open mind and your house clean if you are expecting an interviewer to come out to your house or apartment to make evaluations.  Realize that they are people like you and you are entitled to know what they are asking you about.  When in doubt, you can politely ask for written documentation or web links where you can download the information that validates what you are looking for.

It can be tiring trying to get the forms filled out but that is only half the battle.  The other half is usually the waiting game.  Sometimes it takes weeks for the case worker to complete the paperwork and get it sent through at their end.

If denied services, you should be sent instructions for appeals.  Contact advocates or parents who have been through what you have or other people in the same situation you are in.  The chances are they will tell you what you might want to consider as the next step.

It can be done – just take your time and be aware that it takes some time!


Kim Isaac Greenblatt


You are in Kim Greenblatt’s blog, profitable, and learning that when filling our medical or govt forms, take your time (if you can).

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