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Bad Tax Idea, Good Tax Idea - the little tax book that can save you BIG money!!! A portion of all proceeds from book sales go to research for a cure for Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome affects one out of every 15,000 girls born. Boys born with the Rett gene usually die at birth.

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Publisher:  Kim Greenblatt
ISBN/SKU:  0977728269
ISBN Complete:  978-0-9777282-6-8
Title: Bad Tax Idea, Good Tax Idea
Publication Date: 8/1/2007
Language:  English
Book Description:

This book is full of great tips for legally saving money and avoiding problems when filing U.S. Federal income taxes. Some of the suggestions have never appeared in print before. Kim Greenblatt, a tax professional shares his observations of both bad and good tax ideas that he has encountered in his preparation of U.S. tax returns for his clients. Taking advantage of at least one of his suggestions might save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes or in aggrevation when filing your U.S. Federal income tax returns.

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